Address:P.O. Box 676 Kumba
Phone:(237) 233-354-169

What we do

  1. Area of Intervention

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

  • Promoting the fight against Climate change
  • Enhancing Land and forest Governance
  • Promoting the domestication of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFs),
  • Forest Conservation (Community/communal Forestry acquisition)
  • Landscape Management (Land, Watershed, Mountains and Hills)
  • Monitoring of Illegal Timber Exploitation
  • Ecotourism,
  • Resource based conflict resolution,
  • Prevention  & mitigation of natural disasters, and
  • Watershed management
  • Waste management

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Improving production, processing and marketing, using the Value Chain Development Approach (VCDA)
  • Capacity building of local groups, Promoting Income Generation Activities,
  • Livestock Development,
  • Food security.

Community Health care:

  • HIV/AIDS, Malaria, STDs


  • Elderly related issues
  • Gender and Women’s issues, Democracy & Governance,
  • Enhancing bargaining capacity of local people, Lobbying,
  • Institutional Strengthening and Organisational Development
  • Children & youth, Problems of minorities, and Health.

Information Technology (IT)

  • Promoting IT in rural community (amongst women and youth), IT agro-food marketing.

Infrastructural Development

  • Participatory road maintenance, Water supply schemes, Community centres, Rural electrification.